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Hi! I am Praneet Loke, founder of Cloudy Sky Software. As an early engineer (employee no. 12!) at Pulumi, I have had the opportunity to also help many of their clients implement their cloud infrastructure using Pulumi. And as a former lead engineer for the Pulumi Service, I helped build many of the service’s features used worldwide.

I started Cloudy Sky Software to use that experience to help teams that don’t have in-house expertise or the resources to get started with modernizing their cloud infrastructure. I’ve worked with a few startups that I can provide a reference to.

Adopting a modern infrastructure-as-code platform early-on is crucial for many reasons:

Rapid Growth
When your team experiences rapid growth, your cloud infrastructure and the manual processes around it shouldn't be a bottleneck for your team.
Cloud Infrastructure Knowledge
Understanding how your app runs in the cloud lets your teams build apps that work well in the cloud too and not just on their machine. Helps build shared responsibility and operational discipline within your team.
Developer Productivity
Increases developer productivity by making sure your devs can standup and tear-down ephemeral infrastructure for automated tests as well as development and not use your staging environment as the testbed for everything.

What is Pulumi?

Pulumi is an infrastructure-as-code platform. You can create infrastructure apps written in one of the supported general-purpose programming languages.

The following is a simple TypeScript-based example to create a VM on DigitalOcean.

import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as digitalocean from "@pulumi/digitalocean";

// Create a new Droplet in the nyc2 region running Ubuntu 18.04.
const dropletVm = new digitalocean.Droplet("myVm", {
    image: "ubuntu-18-04-x64",
    region: "nyc2",
    size: "s-1vcpu-1gb",

// Access this output in your terminal using `pulumi stack output dropletIp`.
export const dropletIp = dropletVm.ipv4Address;

But cloud infrastructure doesn’t necessarily mean servers, databases etc. Your GitHub or GitLab repository is a cloud resuorce too. How about building a self-service portal for your organization powered by Pulumi’s Automation API; a programmatic-way to run your Pulumi infrastructure apps.

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Desktop App

The desktop app is a culmination of years of working with Pulumi projects for both personal and official work. It is meant for power users who work with Pulumi projects on a daily basis and especially for those who use self-managed backends. Download it for your platform today!

Native Providers

We build native provider packages for Pulumi based on OpenAPI. One of the key components that makes this possible is Pulschema which converts an OpenAPI spec file to Pulumi schema.

Explore the providers we’ve built so far.

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